The Friends of Murambinda Hospital

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The Friends of Murambinda Hospital (FMH) is a charity which was established to support the work of the Murambinda Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe. The founders were doctors who have spent some time working at the hospital. Thanks to the support the hospital has received from FMH over the years, the hospital has remained open and effective, unlike the majority of other such institutions in that country.

Why FMH?

    • FMH as no 'overheads' as all the cost of the charity are met by the trustees themselves, so all money raised goes directly to supporting the hospital
    • The Trustees know the hospital well, know the staff, know the needs of the population and direct all funds accordingly.
    • The Treasurer (a Trustee) is a general practitioner working in East Cleveland and is able to give supporters of FMH up-to-date information about the status of the hospital, and to detail the help that FMH has been able to give.


    Further information about FMH can be found on their own web site.FM H Website. Opens in new page.

    If you would like to donate directly to FMH then please go to their DONATIONS page. This provides a facility for being able to make a Gift Aid declaration

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